Lost Toys review: restore broken toys in this beautiful puzzle game

Lost Toys 1Puzzle games seem to be getting better and better these days. The Room Two sent waves of “wow” across the mobile gaming world with its intricate brainteasers and stunning graphics. Simian.interface is another interesting 3-D game that will really get you twisted up.

Lost Toys mixes the 3-D puzzle with stunning graphics for a challenging game that involves flipping, twisting, and twirling broken, weatherworn toys until they return to their former glory…


Similar to The Room series, this game features hyper-realistic graphics that make it seem like you are in the room with these wooden toys. The foreground is sharp and detailed and presents the player with a hanging toy that is so meticulous that you can see the chips of old paint and water-damaged wood grain.

In the background, you can faintly see a dark, empty room filled with nothing but old, broken toys. As you solve puzzles, the room begins to lighten up and fill with color. It is as if you are breathing life back into a lost childhood with every toy you repair.

The haunting piano tunes that play in the background add an eerie element that conjures up images of empty baby bassinets and echoes of laughter that no longer fill the hallways.

Lost Toys 2Gameplay

When you start the game, you will be presented with a warped looking piece of wood that appears to be dangling from a nursery mobile. Although disjointed, you can tell that it used to be something. With a few twists of the sections and flips of halves, the object begins to take shape. When you have manipulated the wood into its proper order, the toy will appear and color will come back to the once-useless piece of junk.

After each toy is repaired, you will automatically move onto the next one. Each toy will start off broken and twisted. After you solve the puzzle, it will solidify and a new paint job will appear.

To manipulate the object and put the pieces of the toy back together properly, drag your finger upward, downward, or sideways across the wood. The toy will be in sections that can each be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise. Plus, the sections can be flipped upside-down in halves. You can rotate the front section clockwise, rotate the back section counter-clockwise, and then flip the right half upside-down in order to turn a bunch of grimy wood into a fire truck.

You can rotate the entire object around in a 360-degree view to see all sides and angles. If you are having trouble seeing the wood take shape, drag your finger around on the screen to change the angle and see it from a different point of view.

You will only be allowed a limited number of turns to solve the puzzle. If you have rotated and flipped the wood four times without uncovering a toy’s shape, then you must go back a turn or two (or more) and try something else. Some sections might require multiple rotations at different times in order to end up in the right place.

Puzzles get harder as the game progresses. Sections go from being three, easy to distinguish portions of wood to being angled and backward, making it difficult to figure out what the final shape is supposed to be.

If you get stuck, you can get some help. There is a hint button in the upper right corner that will give you one free move per hint. There is no time restriction and no limit on how often it is used, so the hint option can be very helpful no matter when you need it.

Lost Toys 3The Good

It looks great. The imagery is stunning and adds to the haunting atmosphere of a simple puzzle game.

I appreciate the hint feature. There is no limit to how often it is used, so you can quickly move through a difficult puzzle if you get stuck.

The Bad

I’d like the option of being able to play the game at an unrestricted pace. It would be cool to be able to turn off the move limitation for a more relaxing game.


Lost Toys costs $3.99. The price is somewhat high for a game that offers fairly basic puzzles. However, the graphics are extraordinary, the game has lots of challenges, and the soundtrack lulls you into a relaxed state as you flip and rotate your toys back to life.


Fans of three-dimensional puzzles should check this game out. It looks great and has fun puzzles that are not too easy, but not too hard. While the price tag is a bit high, it is worth it for the many challenges that await you. Plus, you can replay levels with reshuffled puzzles for even more fun. This game is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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