Aaron Sorkin finished with screenplay for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic

Aaron Sorkin at D10 (image 001)

Aaron Sorkin has reportedly completed his screenplay for the highly-anticipated Steve Jobs biopic and submitted it to Sony. It was first announced that Sorkin would be working on the project back in the spring of 2012, but we’ve heard little of his progress since then.

The fact that he’s finished the script is good news though, and should appease observers who have been looking forward to the flick. Needless to say, both Sony and movie-goers alike are hoping Sorkin can drum up the same kind of magic he did with The Social Network

Here’s the report from Variety (via MacRumors):

“With the season three order now official, Variety has also confirmed that Sorkin has turned in script for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, which Sorkin was tapped to pen in spring 2012.”

Keep in mind that this is completely different from the ‘Jobs’ movie, starring Ashton Kutcher, which was released last August. Where that film was a smaller, independent production, this one has the backing of a much larger studio and the endorsement of Steve Wozniak.

Other than that, though, not much is known about the feature—except that it’s going to be somewhat-based on Walter Isaacson’s book. Sorkin said in the past he wanted to do 3 major scenes revolving around 3 major Apple events, but it’s unknown if he stuck with that format.

My big question is: who are they going to cast as Steve Jobs?