App Santa: deep discounts on 15 popular iOS apps

App Santa 2013 (teaser 001)

With less than 24 hours until the annual App Store holiday freeze, developers are pushing out last-minute app updates like crazy.

But more importantly, ’tis the season when not-to-be-missed promotions and discounts become available as an early Christmas present.

Cody yesterday covered a bunch of notable iOS games discounts from the likes of Disney, Warner Bros and others and today a brand new holiday deal on iPhone and iPad apps goes live to help your wallet.

App Santa, a collaborative effort by high-profile developers, is offering deep discounts on fifteen popular iPhone and iPad applications, including 1Password, Tweetbot 3, Launch Center Pro, Screens, Clear+ and more. You can grab these fine apps with as much as 60 percent discount. Your download links are right after the break…

From App Santa:

Naughty or nice, App Santa brings you the best deals on apps from some of the most popular developers on the App Store!

I’ve been very naughty this year!

Anyways, here are your discounted apps, in no particular order:

  • 1Password by AgileBits – $9.99 [40+ percent off, normally $17.99]
  • PrinterPro by Readdle – $2.99 [50+ percent off, normally $6.99] – Review
  • Clear+ by Realmac Software – $1.99 [60 percent off, normally $4.99]
  • PCalc by TLA Systems – $6.99 [30 percent off, normally $9.99]
  • Calendars 5 by Readdle – $2.99 [50+ percent off, normally $6.99] – Review
  • Day One by Bloom Built – $2.99 [40 percent off, normally $4.99]
  • PDF Converter by Readdle – $2.99 [50+ percent off, normally $6.99] – Overview
  • Screens VNC by Edovia – $14.99 [25 percent off, normally $19.99]
  • Scanner Pro by Readdle – $2.99 [50+ percent off, normally $6.99]
  • Mileage Log+ by Contrast – $4.99 [50 percent off, normally $9.99]
  • Launch Center Pro by Contrast – $2.99 [40 percent off, normally $4.99] – Overview
  • Perfect Weather by Contrast – $1.99 [40 percent off, normally $1.99]
  • Delivery Status by Junecloud – $2.99 [40 percent off, normally $4.99] – Overview
  • Tweetbot 3 by Tapbots – $1.99 [60 percent off, normally $4.99] – Overview
  • Vesper by Q Branch – $2.99 [40 percent off, normally $4.99] – Overview

Any of these is admittedly an excellent piece of software in its own right.

Folks who’ve been on the fence of buying one of these apps should take action.

If I had to pick my favorite, it’d be 1Password.

By the way, AgileBits is celebrating that 1Password made it on MacWorld’s and Apple’s Mac App Store Best of 2013 list so they’re discounting the Mac edition by 30 percent.

You can pick up 1Password for Mac from the Mac App Store for $34.99 for a limited time, normally a $49.99 value.

And, there really is no reason not to pick up the new Tweetbot now.

This promotion will only last for the holidays.

Do you see any personal favorites of yours on App Santa’s list?