Hurry, Instacast for Mac is on sale for 50% off

Instacast Mac

One of the better podcast clients for the Mac is available for 50% off its retail price. Instacast, the podcasting client from Vemedio is going for $9.99 on the Mac App Store for a limited time.

The nice thing about Instacast is that you can use it to sync your playlists with its iOS counterpart. That means that it’s extremely easy to listen on your Mac, and pick up where you left off on your iPhone, and vice versa.

Instacast is a great way to keep up with all of the episodes of Let’s Talk iOS. According to its description on the Mac App Store, this deal is slated to end in one day, so you’ll want to be quick if interested.

For users with discreet GPUs, you’ll be happy to know that Instacast was recently updated to no depend on the GPU. That means that you can now run Instacast without requiring your Mac to switch to the discreet GPU, and therefore save on battery life.

While I personally use Shifty Jelly’s Pocket Casts for my iOS listening needs, Instacast is probably the best solution for the average podcast listener who wants to keep their podcasts synced between desktop and portable devices. You probably won’t find the full version for less than $9.99 any time soon, so I think this is a good deal.

As we mentioned on our how to subscribe to Let’s Talk iOS post, it’s extremely easy to subscribe to our podcast using Instacast. In fact, we’ve created two direct subscribe links for Instacast users: one for the Mac and one for iOS.

Tell us; what solution do you use to manage your podcast listening needs? Sound off in the comment section below.