I dare you to beat my score at ins and outs

ins_and_outs 13Thanks to Game Center, Facebook, and plenty of other social networking connected sites and services, we can play games against friends and family without having to be in the same room with them. We don’t even have to be on the same continent as them. Actually, we don’t even have to know them at all, in some circumstances.

ins and outs – a casual and competitive puzzle game is one of those games that focuses on competing against others in a friendly game of connect-the-dots. Instead of just inviting them to play the game, you get to entice them by putting the “dare” into it…

So, it isn’t exactly a game of connect-the-dots, but you do have to connect one end of a line to the other, so there is some connecting involved. Players create loops around different “ins” and “outs.” Everything inside the loop must be an in, and everything outside of the loop must be an out. You can’t cross the loop or let the lines connect in any way. You’ll earn extra points for making the loop without lifting your finger from the screen.

ins_and_outs 12After you’ve reached “Amateur” status and earned 150 points, you can unlock the Competitive Play mode. In Competitive Play, you can “dare” your friends on Facebook and Twitter to beat your score. You have one minute to solve as many puzzles as possible. Then, send the dare and see if your friends can solve more puzzles than you in that short period of time.

You can choose from nine different sized grids. The simplest puzzle is a four-by-four grid. The most difficult is a 12 x 12 grid, and it is suggested that you play that size on an iPad. Each size includes 100 puzzles. For $0.99 each, you can unlock 100 more in each size category. In competitive play, all levels are free.

ins_and_outs 1The game also comes with six color themes to choose from, including classic, chill, pastel, contrast, midnight, and neon. So, you can have a different theme for whatever mood you are in that day.

You can sync your game’s progress across all of your devices, even across iOS and Android. So, if you play games on your iPhone and Galaxy Tab, you are in luck.

ins and outs is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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