Vidstitch Pro: create and share your photo + video collages on Instagram

VidStitch 1Instagram is the biggest social networking sight for photography since Flickr, and it is gaining in popularity every day. Third-party developers are always looking for ways to allow Instagram users to make their pictures and videos more interesting.

Vidstitch Pro for Instagram lets you combine photos and videos onto a single collage so you can share your memories with others, moving or not…

Users can upload photos and videos from their device’s photo library, or take pictures and record clips right from within the app. Each frame has its own upload option. You can take a picture, add a picture, take a video, or add a video.

Once you’ve uploaded your images and video clips, you can either add a sound track or leave the audio that is included in the videos. You can also change the width and color of the frame.

The first thing you will do is pick a frame. There are more than 50 different collage frame styles that allow you to add between two and four videos or pictures. You can use landscape or portrait view frames, but the square ones work best for uploading to Instagram.

Next, adjust the width of the frame to fit the look you are going for. If your images are small, you may want to keep your border tight and thin. You can also change the color of the frame by tapping the color wheel. You can then increase or decrease the lightness and saturation until you get the color you like.

Then, you can add a soundtrack by selecting from songs in your iOS device’s iTunes library. It is probably a good idea to add a song because if you have multiple videos in a single collage, and those videos have audio, which they usually do, you’ll be getting a garbled mix of audio from all clips at the same time. Of course, another option would be to only have one video in your collage.

When finished, you can upload your collage to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or send it directly through email, and of course, save it to your photo library. Then, you can add any filters you’d like and share it to any social networking service you’d like.

Vidstitch Pro for Instagram is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.