Poll: what iPhone 5s color would you pick?

iPhone 5s colors

Apple’s new iPhones go on sale tomorrow at 8am at Apple and carrier retail stores across the United States and ten major international markets – among them, for the first time on launch day, China. Early signs of severely constrained supply led analysts to project a blockbuster opening weekend.

With nearly a third of customers already on iOS 7, some folks have cunningly obtained a new iPhone by virtue of installing the free iOS 7 update. To all you power users out there who happen to be in the market for a new iPhone, your choice couldn’t be simpler: the sleek, fast, 64-bit, fingerprint-reading, top-of-the-line iPhone 5s.

If you count yourself among this club, your First World Problem comes down to the choice of color. So, what finish would you pick if you were buying an iPhone 5s?

Apple has reshuffled color choices by replacing last year’s Black & Slate and Silver & White designs with three distinct iPhone 5s finishes: Space Gray, Gold and Silver.

Make your pick now.

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Like always, we urge you to chime in below and discuss your vote with fellow readers.


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