Poll: who’s upgraded to iOS 7?

white iPhone 5s front

We now know nearly one out of each three iOS users has upgraded to iOS 7 in the first sixteen hours of its availability. Have you? We’re only asking you to tell us whether or not you upgraded by now, in order to get a better understanding of the iOS 7 adoption rates thus far.

This being a non-scientific YES/NO poll means readers who haven’t upgraded yet but are planning to should of course vote with a ‘no’…

Cast your vote now.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, tell us why down in the comments.

We also ran two other polls following the September 10 double iPhone keynote, one asking whether you’ll be buying a new iPhone – with half of the respondents voting ‘yes’ – and the other dealing with the iPhone 5C colors.

The latter revealed an interesting preference among those iDB readers who participated in the poll: blue seems to be the favorite pick for more than one-third of respondents and pink expectedly turned out to be the least popular color with our (mostly male) readership.