Infinity Blade III coming to iOS September 18 for $6.99

infinityblade3 art

I’m not sure how it happened, but somewhere amidst all of the excitement yesterday, we completely neglected to talk about the new Infinity Blade game. For those who missed it, Apple brought Chair’s Donald Mustard up on stage during its iPhone event to introduce Infinity Blade III.

The move, of course, was to help Apple show off the power of the iPhone 5s’ new A7 processor, but it was a big moment for Infinity Blade fans as well. After the ‘Dungeons’ title was canceled, the future of the franchise was uncertain. But Chair put all those concerns to rest yesterday…

Infinity Blade III, which Chair is referring to as the ‘conclusion’ of the trilogy, introduces various new worlds, gameplay concepts, and characters. Gamers can now play as both Siris, from the first two Infinity Blades, and Isa, introduced in IB II, and each one has their own attributes.

IGN has more details on the game:

“Although Infinity Blade III tells a sophisticated linear story (Chair estimates the game contains nearly 45 minutes of cutscenes), players will have more freedom than ever in how they tackle the game’s various challenges. From The Hideout, Siris’ new base of operations, players can select from a world map which of several fortress strongholds they want to assault, compared to just a single major playable location in both IB1 and IB2. The Hideout will also be home to a variety of eccentric allies Siris and Isa recruit along the way.”

And here’s the Infinity Blade III trailer:

It appears that Chair is going to be officially calling the game ‘Infinity Blade III Reborn.’ The Universal app will be priced at $6.99, and will be compatible with the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch 4, and newer. To learn more about the new iPhone 5S, click here. And you can watch the event here.