‘SearchCollapse’ allows you to collapse results in Spotlight search

SearchCollapse Featured

After reviewing SearchAmplius an hour or so ago, it was only appropriate to review its sister tweak, which is entitled: SearchCollapse. SearchCollapse is a tweak that can work in tandem with SearchAmplius, but it should also be noted that it can function on its own as a standalone tweak.

SearchCollapse, as its name not so subtly implies, allows users to collapse their Spotlight search results, either automatically, or by tapping on the app icon associated with the result. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside for more detailed information.

SearchCollapse adds two toggles to the SearchLoader preference panel located in the stock Settings app. The first setting, enabled on install, will collapse search results with multiple items by default. The second toggle allows users to collapse items with just one result, forcing you to tap the icon associated with the result to display even an item with a singular result.

As stated, SearchCollapse can work on its own, but its really designed with SearchAmplius’ expanded Spotlight search in mind. For that reason, I recommended using both tweaks together. The good news is that SearchCollapse is a free download with a purchase of SearchAmplius for $2.99. SearchCollapse is $0.99 by itself, so you’re effectively getting both tweaks for two bucks.

Each tweak can be had right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments about SearchCollapse in the comment section below.