‘Designed by Apple in California’ campaign extends to print

Designed by Apple in California

Along with a host of software-related announcements at this year’s five-day developers conference, Apple cleverly used the WWDC venue to kick off a new brand awareness campaign entitled ‘Designed by Apple in California’ and created by the company’s long-time ad shop TBWA\Worldwide.

First, the company rolled out videos that strive to explain the design philosophy driving its product development and subtly highlight its California roots epitomized in the ‘Designed by Apple in California’ tagline etched on the back of every Apple product.

The company has now taken the campaign to print media, with a two-page ad spotted in The Toronto Star newspaper…

Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac has obtained a scanned copy of a two-page ad.

Desinged by Apple in California print ad

Looks pretty neat, no?

As a reminder, check out Apple’s mission-statement ad.


The television commercial can be seen on CNN and other major networks.

The firm also has a dedicated ‘Designed by Apple in California’ web page up.

TBWA is behind some of the most memorable Apple advertisements, like the ‘Think Different’ campaign, the now famous ‘1984‘ commercial and the iPod silhouettes ad series, to name just a few.

Advertising Age likened Lee Clow, TBWA’s Chairman, Global Director and former Chief Creative Officer, to “advertising’s art director guru”.

Clow was a personal friend of Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs, who he says was heavily influenced by Sony’s branding strategy

According to Bloomberg, TBWA is finding working with Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, more difficult compared to the exacting nature of Steve Jobs, who was famous for his passion and understanding of what great marketing is all about.