Netflix update brings better second-screen experience, new post-play features

Netflix 4.1 for iOs (iPhone screenshot 002)Netflix 4.1 for iOs (iPhone screenshot 001)

After announcing a new $12 per month family plan and having rolled out a major version 4.0 update with a new episode selector on iPads, on-demand Internet streaming media provider Netflix today updated its iPhone and iPad mobile client with an enhanced second-screen experience, recommendations for movies and auto-play episodes for television shows. More information on the changes right below the fold…

The new post-play feature basically automatically plays all episodes of a TV show:

Added post-play feature where, when one episode of a TV show ends, the Netflix app automatically cues and then starts the next episode.

The same feature is available for movies, though it works slightly differently in that it offers three best movie recommendations at the end of the movie currently being watched, letting you select what you might want watch next.

On a related note, just last week Netflix said it added additional rows to the iPad build. The tweaked layout allows for more genres to be listed without having to browse more deeply on the main screen.

Netflix is free to download from the App Store.