Draw Something 2 now available

Draw Something 2 (iPhone screensho 001)Draw Something 2 (iPhone screenstho 002)

Having landed on the Canada and Sweden App Store earlier this month, a highly-anticipated sequel to the popular Draw Something game is now available for download on the US App Store.

The original game pitted two players against each other in a word guessing challenge where each player gets assigned three random words and would draw a picture to convey the guessword.

The sequel contains more than 5,000 new words, all-new 9-letter words, the new free draw mode, a gallery of your favorite drawings, additional drawing tools like pixel pen, crayon, marker, stamps and much more…

The blurb focuses on the new social component:

For the first time ever, share your drawings in a feed for all of your friends to see! Follow your friends, celebs, and discover new artists – there’s always something new, funny and inspiring to check out.

Here’s a nice trailer.

Should you wish to disable social content, check out Restricted Mode which disables both the Social Feed and your gallery using a passcode.

Draw Something 2 (iPhone screensho 003)Draw Something 2 (iPhone screensho 004)

Other features include:

• Gallery: A collection of all of your favorite drawings in one place

• Social Feed: Follow your friends, celebs, and discover new artists. Stay up to-date on all the latest drawings and games from your feed.

• All New Ways to Play: Earn coins for playing the Daily Guess and Daily Draw

• Tons of New Words: Over 5,000 new words! Including all new 9 letter words and phrases for daily draw

• More Drawing Tools: Limitless creativity at your fingertips! Try out the Pixel pen, Pattern pencil, Stamps, Marker, Highlighter, Crayon and more. Plus, choose from over 100 vibrant colors

• Free Draw: Draw anything. Try out your new tools, create and share something amazing

• Restricted Mode: Disable the Social Feed and gallery using a PIN. You can still play turns with friends and contacts, but you won’t see any social content

You can download Draw Something 2 for the iPhone or iPod touch for three bucks a pop. There’s also a free version available. Paid one, in case you’re wondering, contains thousands of new words, free star and coin bonus, a free Sparkle pen and no advertising.

If you’re switching from a free to paid version, Draw Something 2 will retain your existing account, games, and colors.

The original Draw Something, available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, has been something of a phenomenon, to say the least.

Developed by Omgpop, the game in the first five weeks after its launching saw twenty million downloads, hitting 50 million downloads in the fifty-five days after its release. To date, the game has amassed over a hundred million active users.

The success won Draw Something many accolades, including a Flurry App Spotlight Award in 2012. The social gaming giant Zynga snapped up Draw Something developer Omgpop for $180 million last year.