New Samsung ad says iPhones are not for work, blasts BlackBerry

You can’t blame Samsung for amping up its anti-everyone advertising as it’s worked out so well for them thus far. In this new commercial aired during tonight’s NFC championship game and subsequently published on Samsung’s YouTube channel, a bunch of hipsters working for a mobile games developer are depicted using Galaxy smartphones and tablets. In one instance, the clip highlights multitasking capabilities of these gadgets where you can set the video to play while continuing to browse the web or sort through your email.

Then the focus turns (mark 0:40) to one of the old guards who tells a young office chick that she won’t “consolidate” her phones because she has “a system”: her BlackBerry with its clickety-clack keyboard is for work and an iPhone with an ugly case is for home. The lady abruptly cuts off the younger colleague after her attempt to explain the benefits of the Galaxy S III: “Allie, please respect my system”.

The commercial is a bit weird and primarily targets the struggling BlackBerry (talk about beating the dead horse). There are more jabs at RIM and Apple in an apparent shift of strategy as Samsung takes aim at enterprise market. Oh, and what’s up with the unicorns and that guy from 30 Rock?

The commercial closes with the “the next big thing for business is already here” tagline.

Sammy also has a web site dedicated to the Galaxy S III and Note II in work environment at which at press time simply re-directed to the ‘Galaxy At Work’ Facebook page.

By the way, Apple has a similar web page for iPhones and iPads in business.


Apple is pretty much the leading mobile brand in many of the world’s top corporations. On top of that, developers think Cook & Co. will eventually win that battle. Samsung is admittedly facing an uphill struggle trying to persuade big biz to adopt their devices.

On the flip side, Samsung may only need incentivize these corporate buyers to make the switch. After all, the South Korean conglomerate is known for deep discounts on bulk device purchases whereas Apple is not.

With the economy like this, many businesses are looking to cut costs so perhaps Samsung has a shot here.

As for the ad, I’ve seen better from Samsung.

What do you think?

Is it successful in getting the message across?