Apple rolls out new iPhone, iPad in business websites

When Apple first launched the iPhone back in 2007, it completely ignored the enterprise market. Heck, the handset didn’t even get exchange support until mid-2008.

But that’s definitely not the case now, as Apple’s smartphone has made great strides in enterprise over the last 5 years. And the company continues to push with its new ‘iOS in business’ websites…

As noted by iLounge, Apple has launched new websites highlighting the many uses of both the iPhone and iPad in business. With the tag line “the best business decision you’ll ever make make,” Apple lists dozens of features, such as email support and the many available enterprise apps, that would make any professional’s life easier.

Apple’s big push into enterprise comes as RIM, the space’s one-time dominate leader, hits one of the lowest points in company history. Between its recent failures in the tablet and consumer markets, the BlackBerry-maker has been bleeding marketshare as of late.

One of the more recent reports we’ve seen regarding enterprise performance claimed the iPad garnered around 96% of the market, and the iPhone a commendable 53%. Not bad for a company who, up until now, hadn’t spent much time or energy on the business crowd.