iPad Takes 96% of Tablets Activated in Enterprise, iPhone Takes 53%

Apple may appear to be the biggest tablet vendor on the planet with the company selling iPads hand over fist, but it seems that end-users are not the only ones taking a shine to the tablet.

According to new figures from enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology, the iPad made up 96% of the tablets activated at the 2,000 companies that use its services.

The iPhone is proving popular in the enterprise also, with 53% of the smartphones activated being of the Apple variety…

The iPad has found itself being the biggest thing in corporate tablets almost by accident, with iOS gaining more enterprise-inspired security with each update. IT departments across the industry are clearly being asked to set iPads up as work machines for team members – a sure sign that the tablet is good for more than watching YouTube videos and browsing Facebook.

Likewise, the iPhone is finding itself a popular choice in the business sector, perhaps thanks in part to BlackBerry’s current situation. With Research in Motion currently struggling to keep pace with Apple and Google in the mobile stakes, many businesses are beginning to move away from the Canadian firm’s solutions and towards those that simply use Microsoft Exchange.

Unsurprisingly, the new iPhone 4S was the most activated hardware during the latest quarter, thanks to its recent release and new features such as Siri and an improved camera.

One of the biggest jumps in activations throughout 2011 was when Apple finally brought the iPhone 4 to Verizon, a sign that many had held out in the hope the handset would come to America’s largest carrier.

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