90% of iPhones Sold in the US Are iPhone 4S

When Apple announced its financial results for last quarter a couple days ago, the company said they sold 37 million iPhones within the last three months. What Apple failed to do was breaking down those sales number by device.

But that’s exactly what research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) did, and without much surprise, they found out that the iPhone 4S is the top dog in the iPhone family of devices…

Here is a breakdown of the survey’s results, which was carried out from October to December:

  • the iPhone 4S accounted for 89% of iPhone sales
  • of those 89%, 21% were 64 GB, 34% were 32 GB, and 45% were 16 GB
  • the iPhone 4 accounted for 7% of iPhone sales
  • the iPhone 3GS accounted for 4% of iPhone sales
  • 19% of all iPhone buyers upgraded from the iPhone 4
  • 42% of iPhone buyers broke existing carrier contracts to get the new iPhone 4S
  • 19% of these iPhone 4S buyers sold their old iPhone in the secondary market

Like John Paczkowski of AllThingsD notes, no wonder why Apple is blowing out all expectations with such incredible numbers.