Tim Cook says he’s ‘ditched physical keyboards,’ uses iPad 80% of the time

Between his recent sit down with Bloomberg Businessweek, and his upcoming interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, Tim Cook has captured a lot of headlines today. And that will continue tonight, as Cook appears on TV for the first time.

The CEO will be featured on Rock Center, a weekly newsmagazine broadcast akin to Dateline, this evening. And just ahead of the broadcast, NBC has published a teaser clip with Cook talking about virtual keyboards, his iPad and more…

Yes it’s in Flash again, sorry.

The clip shows Cook answering a couple of interesting questions. For example, he tells Williams that he reads and responds to customer emails. That’s kind of cool because while Steve was also known for this, it’s not common among executives.

He also admits to Mr. Williams that he has “ditched” physical keyboards, saying that he does 80% of his emailing and web surfing on his iPad, and shows off his iPhone 5. You’d think that this would be CEO-101 — always use your company’s products, especially in public — but it’s not. So I also thought this was kind of interesting.

The full episode of Rock Center is scheduled to air tonight at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on NBC. We’ll be watching, and will be sure to pass along anything else worth noting.