Tim Cook to give first TV interview next week

Tim Cook was spotted at Apple’s Grand Central store in New York City this afternoon, talking with NBC news anchor Brian Williams. The interview will appear on NBC’s Rock Center television show, a weekly newsmagazine broadcast akin to Dateline, next week and will mark the CEO’s first major TV appearance. We’ve got a preview clip and more details after the break…

Yes, it’s in Flash. Sorry.

Williams notes in the clip that Tim Cook was able to walk through Grand Central Station largely unnoticed, that is, until he reached the Apple Store. That’s really not all that surprising though, considering folks outside of the tech world probably wouldn’t even recognize his name. But it’s still kind of funny considering he controls one of the largest companies in the world.

I’m actually looking forward to the interview. Not much is known about Cook outside of what can be found on Wikipedia. He grew up near Mobile, Alabama. He’s a Duke graduate. And he was hired on by Steve Jobs to work for Apple in 1998. Since then he’s risen through the ranks, and last August, took on what is probably one of the most difficult jobs on the planet.

If you too are interested, Cook’s episode of Rock Center will air on NBC next Thursday night, December 6.