Jawbone releases a re-tooled Up fitness band


Accessory maker Jawbone debuted its iPhone health bracelet called the Jawbone Up in September of last year. Despite strong initial sales, the promising gadget quickly proved a PR disaster amid a flood of complaints about poor build quality, imperfect water resistance and a number of other issues.

A year later, and just in time for the holidays, Jawbone is back at it with an improved version of the fitness band that the company says is free of teething problems which plagued early adopters. In fact, Jawbone is so confident in nailing quality control that it dedicated a significant portion of the above promo clip to highlighting detailed testing, design and manufacturing that went into creating the band…

Jawbone, as you know, is best-known for its line of innovative and great-looking wireless speakers and futuristic Bluetooth headsets.

Billed as “a thoughtful combination of engineering and design custom-made for how we live”, the Up wristband works in conjunction with a free iOS app to track your movement patterns and personal habits throughout the day, letting you later check out insights on how you live your life.

The app’s been redesigned and now comes with a couple new features, like the ability to input your meals, workout results and even different moods throughout the day. Insights are also more detailed and prettier than before and Jawbone now offers food recommendations.


The biggest change is in the hardware itself. The improved version of the accessory won’t break the circuitry inside when you use the device in unusual ways. It’s also totally water-resistant now, the promo clip promises.

The closest Up competitor is the Nike+ FuelBand wrist band accessory, a $149.95 value, that Apple highlighted via its newly launched 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

The Jawbone Up costs $129 and comes in a number of new colors. It’s available now from the Jawbone web store.

What do you think of the re-launched Up accessory?

Did Jawbone get it right this time?