Apple launches 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

With winter holidays upon us, Apple has now launched its official Holiday Gift Guide for this year. A special page on the company’s web site is now live, highlighting a range of first and third-party gadgets and accessories that Apple hopes might be a nice guideline for those on the lookout for perfect holiday gift.

The main four sections group products according to Apple’s major product lineups: iPad gifts, Mac gifts, iPhone gifts and iPod gifts. Fender’s iOS-friendly Stratocaster guitar Cody told you about yesterday (an Apple Store exclusive) is among the listed products, as is the Nike+ FuelBand wrist band accessory, Parrot’s AR Drone and many other gadgets…

Apple is offering free shipping on the listed products. Just don’t hold your fingers crossed for holiday deals because the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is just that, a guide which emphasizes products Apple thinks you may wanna consider this holiday season.

Even though the company usually offers Black Friday savings, they’re nothing to write home about: think up to ten percent off select Macs and iOS devices, at best. Third-party retailers often have deeper discounts on Apple products than the iPhone maker.

I think I’ll pass on the whole gifting thing this holiday season.

The best money saved is the money not spent on things I don’t really need.

That’s just me, of course.

What about you?

Let us know about your holiday gift ideas down in the comments.