Jawbone is About to Release an Awesome Health Bracelet that Works with the iPhone

Accessories are one of the things that make the iPhone such a pleasure to use. Knowing millions upon millions of users have the exact same handset means accessory manufacturers are more than happy to come up with little toys and tools that work with the iPhone, something that isn’t a trivial feat in the world of Android.

Jawbone is one accessory manufacturer that has taken the iPhone to heart, and their latest invention is a real doozy…

Called the Jawbone Up, this might not be the kind of accessory usually associated with Jawbone.

When you boil it down, Jawbone’s new health bracelet accessory monitors and tracks your movement throughout your entire day, and it then gives your information to the accompanying iPhone application. Here, all kinds of charts and graphs are generated, and you, in theory, get more healthy.

Now that’s admittedly a very over-simplified approach to proceedings, but there isn’t a great deal of information to go on. Jawbone tentatively announced the Up way back in July, but since then information has been very much on the scarce side.

Now, 9to5Mac has managed to get its hands on some promotional material and a release date of September 25th. No pricing details as of yet, unfortunately.

“The Jawbone Up uses sophisticated hardware and software to track user’s steps, distance traveled, pace, intensity level of movement, and calories burned throughout a day. In addition, the system intelligently breaks down a person’s active time versus inactive time. Perhaps the coolest feature within the device’s “Move” functionality is the ability to remind users when it’s time to get up and be active. This little bracelet can actually vibrate as an alert for the user to become active. Of course, a user reads all of the above information categories from their iPhone or Android device with a special Jawbone-built application.”


If anything’s likely to get us at iDB HQ moving a bit more, a fancy technological bracelet that works with the iPhone is likely to be it, and we’re looking forward to learning more about Jawbone’s latest accessory. How about you?