Path releases native iPad app

Path, a social network where people engage in limited sharing of their daily habits and photos with only a select few closest friends, later today will launch its iPad app. Focused on full-screen experience in landscape, Path puts more of your network at your fingertips with fewer taps. Images of the iPad interface are promising and new features sound interesting enough to give it a a try. My favorite: the improved home screen displaying more activities from your network than is possible on the iPhone version.

UPDATE: a new version of the original iPhone app just went live with support for native iPad experience. Simply update your existing installation to get iPad goodies…

In a blog post developers note that “being on iPad means Path is available to more people now”. Path for iPad works in landscape to present your friends’ book moments in full-screen, be it comments, faces, a story description or a list of friends. Here’s what the interface looks like.

The home screen on iPad version displays additional items like your friends list and recent activity from your network. The program is really meant to be enjoyed in landscape, developers write:

See the day on one screen and swipe to see previous days. See the check-ins and arrival moments of each day on a single map. Path in landscape-view is the best way to catch up with your family and friends, revisit days and the moments that made them special.

Another nice-to-have: swiping in the landscape view switches between days with all of the check-ins rendered on a map.

The app will be available for download in the App Store later today and we’ll updated the article with a link accordingly.

Path for iPhone, a free download, was updated in the summer with features like enhanced sharing capabilities, improved camera features with filters akin to Instagram, ‘nudges’, movie searches and more.

The most recent update brought out support for the iPhone 5’s taller display (see screenies below) and the ability to import moments from other social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare.

The program was generally praised as an antidote to Facebook and its share-everything culture. It’s also being described as the pretties social thing out there.

Launching as an iPhone app in November 2010 and later expanding to Android, Path became a target when it was discovered it uploaded the iPhone address book to its servers for social matching without users’ explicit consent.

The privacy scandal ensued, prompting both changes in the app itself while pushing Apple into introducing new iOS privacy controls based on prompts whenever apps want to access your photo library, contacts, calendars and reminders.

I really like Path and wanted to be an active users, I really did.

The thing is, I’m strapped for time and really can’t incorporate yet another social thing into my daily routine. As it is right now, Path at least informs me about my friends’ sleeping habits and when someone went to gym.

How frequently do you use Path these days?