The EDGE.sound pumps music in a stylish way

Confidently utilizing Kickstarter to fund their project, CUBEDGE announces its upcoming elegant and eco-friendly Bluetooth speaker for enabled devices. Combining sleek aesthetics with sound quality, the goal is to produce the EDGE.sound, a lightweight and portable speaker accessory that also pushes excellent audio.

In addition to listening to favorite tunes, EDGE.sound can also be used to place wireless phone calls and charge in the sun with an optional solar dock…

Sound Portability

Boasting a 10 to 14+ hour built-in battery, the EDGE.sound ensures hours of playback between charges. However, time will vary based on how the speaker is used, either with Bluetooth 3 connectivity or a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. In addition to playback, there is a built in microphone for Skype, iChat, or FaceTime conversations. To ensure big sound from a small package, the speakers have a maximum output of 95db with a frequency of 40hz-20khz and, in a controlled test, even gave the Jawbone Jambox a good run.

Because the unit is Bluetooth 3 enabled, the streaming between either iPhone or iPod is much faster and will have a higher sound quality for the discerning ear. In addition, the speaker is dockless, which is important to consider when Apple may be changing the 30 pin form factor in its upcoming iPhone 5, or whatever you call it – add your voice in our poll.

To keep an eye-catching design, the AC adapter stores inside the speaker base in a hidden compartment. Upon launch, the EDGE.sound will be available in three colors, black, white and natural aluminum. Either way, the sound bar is produced in sandblasted aluminum for a textured finish.

If You Want One

To get your hands on one, you will have to wait until September. It looks like a promising addition to a crowded market with its Bluetooth 3 technology and extra loud speakers. Thankfully, we are one of the first blogs in line to pick one up and give you the complete run down just after the launch. If you cannot wait that long, salivate over the pictures on the CUBEDGE homepage.

What do you think about sound bars? Personally, I never use them, but I may very well be in the minority  Let us know in the comment section below!