lets you share your iOS device setup with the world

The stock Home screen in iOS looks pretty boring. Luckily, jailbreaking can change that. It opens the door to a whole world of customization, including tweaks, icon packages and tons of other theming possibilities.

And if you like customizing your device, and want to share your iPad or iPhone setup with the world, there’s a new service that lets you do that. finally came out of private beta this week… is a simple service that allows you to show off screenshots of your iOS Home screens. It’s been around for about two years now, but only just became available to the public.

The service is free, and enables you to upload one screenshot for both your iPhone and iPad. There’s also a spot on your landing page to explain your setups — what tweaks, themes you’re using — and there’s a nice Explore feature that allows you to browse through other people’s devices.

That’s pretty much it for, there’s not much to it. And while the simplicity is nice from a design standpoint, it’s clearly missing some features. Social network integration, for example, would be a handy addition.

Nevertheless, it’s a cool idea. And we encourage you to setup an account. In fact, feel free send us links to your profiles on Twitter. We’ll retweet the best ones.

Have you setup your profile yet?

[Cult of Mac]