Analyst tells Apple investors not to worry about Nexus 7

Google grabbed some major headlines yesterday during its I/O keynote. The company unveiled a number of new products including the next version of Android, an orb-shaped media player, and an all-new tablet.

The tablet, in particular, has Apple shareholders asking questions. With its quad-core processor, and sub-$200 price tag, could it have a negative impact on Apple’s iPad sales? This analyst doesn’t think so…

In a note to investors, Topeka Capital Markets’ Apple advisor Brian White said that the Nexus 7 poses “no threat” to the iPad. The analyst believes that it’s “just another Android tablet,” and will face the same issues as its predecessors.

“We believe the combination of Apple’s expanding digital grid, innovative design, unmatched aesthetics, leading App availability (with 225,000 native iPad Apps), intuitive user interface and expanding technology innovations will continue to keep the Company on top of the tablet market for many years to come.”

It’s interesting that folks continue to compare Google’s new tablet to the iPad — they’re completely different. At 7-inches, $199 and no cellular connection, the Nexus 7 is more on the level of a Kindle Fire competitor.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a threat to Apple’s tablet business. The Cupertino company obviously believes there’s a market for low-priced, 7-inch tablets. And Google just beat them to the space with an attractive offering.

It’ll be interesting to see what the tablet landscape looks like in 6 months. Especially after the holidays.

Do you think Apple will lose any tablet marketshare to the Nexus 7?