Jailbreak developer Chpwn now interning at Facebook

Is jailbreak developer extraordinaire Chpwn looking for a new challenge? After releasing some of my favorite jailbreak tweaks such as Zephyr, Grant ‘Chpwn’ Paul has accepted an intern position at Facebook.

So what is Chpwn going to do at Facebook? Work on the mystery Facebook phone? Bring some Apple sauce to the company? Fix the plumbing? We have absolutely no idea what he’s up to but we sure wish him well in his new endeavors…

We also hope that he won’t completely leave his involvement in the jailbreak community behind, because it would be a big loss for all of us.

Chpwn isn’t the first jailbreak dev to make its way to Menlo Park. You might remember that last year around the same time, GeoHot had also started as an intern at Facebook, to call it quit just about six months later.

Other jailbreak devs have also been picked up by large companies before. Peter Hajas, the developer of MobileNotifier was offered a job at Apple last year, so did Comex.