Beautiful Unfold lock screen tweak now available and it’s free

Jeff told you about this awesome lock screen tweak on Sunday and I’m happy to report that the Unfold jailbreak tweak is now available for download. It was born out of Anton Kudin’s “fold to unlock” concept for the iPhone which immediately captured attention of the jailbreak community.

Three days later, that concept has been brought to reality thanks to German jailbreak developer Jonas Gessner. What this tweak does is pretty simple yet very effective…

As the name suggests, Unfold replaces the default slide to unlock behavior on your device’s home screen with a pretty fold up animation. It’s fully compatible with other popular tweaks such as LockInfoCamera GrabberBulletin and IntelliScreenX, to name a few.

It also handles notifications normally.

It just works: there are no settings to configure and no home screen icon.

The only downside is that Unfold doesn’t work on the iPad yet.

The tweak also plays nice with the iOS’ passcode security feature in that unlocking a passcode-protected device reveals the standard passcode entry screen.

Here’s Jeff’s Unfold video to get you up to speed.


Unfold is available on Cydia under the BigBoss repo.

It’s a free download so I suggest you grab it immediately and let us know down in the comments how you liked it.