New iPad already accounts for 10% of all US iPad traffic

Chitika, an online ad network and data analytics firm, has just released a report regarding recent iPad usage in the United States. The company serves up around 4 billion ads a month and uses that network to track mobile traffic.

According to the report, Apple’s new tablet now accounts for more than 10% of all iPad traffic the ad company tracks here in the United States. Not bad for a product that was released just under a month ago…

The firm serves up some other interesting facts as well. For instance, its data shows that California has the highest adoption rate for the new iPad (not surprising since it’s the most populated) at 11.559%, with Wisconsin just behind it at 10.424%.

To give you an idea of how big 10% can be, if you imagine that there are 50 million iPads in the US, that would mean that there are 5 million new iPads — which isn’t unfeasible. Remember, Apple sold 3 million tablets on its opening weekend last month.

The real test, obviously, will come on April 24th, when Apple holds its quarterly earnings call to discuss sales over the past three months. It’s coming off a strong quarter, selling more than 15 million iPads, so it’ll be interesting to see how well it’s performed since.