Here’s another unboxing of the new iPad

The third-generation iPad, announced by Apple last week, is set to arrive at customer’s doors Friday and go on-sale in stores that morning at 8am. However, a few people in Hong Kong have gotten an early look at Apple’s new 10-inch creation and have unboxed the tablet for all of us to see. We also saw a few pictures taken with the camera earlier this morning.

This afternoon, Chinese publication PCM Online, has gotten its hands on the new iPad. The publication was able to unbox a 16GB white model, featuring 4G…

The video, as seen below, guides us through what comes with the box and an overall look at the device. We also get to see the third-generation iPad compared closely to the iPad 2.


PCM Online also took a look at the camera quality between the new iPad and iPad 2. As you can see, the new iPad’s camera takes much better pictures; it features an upgraded 5-megapixel camera. While the iPad’s camera isn’t 8-megapixel like the iPhone 4S‘, it still looks pretty good.

Apple’s new iPad features a brand new Retina display, larger battery, 4G, upgraded cameras, and dual-core A5X processor with quad core graphics.

Stick to iDownloadBlog, Friday, where we’ll be taking you through every feature of the new iPad.

Are you getting as excited as we are?