How to send any file format to iOS devices using Messages for Mac

Yes, you can send files to iOS devices from the beta Messages app that Apple recently released. That much is obvious, as it only makes sense to be able to send photos, sound files, text files, and the like.

What’s a bit stranger is the fact that you can send virtually any type of file from your Mac to an iOS device via Messages.

But don’t get your hopes up too high. There is still a limit as to what you can do with said files in iOS’ Messages app once you receive them…


As you can see from the video, you can open text, photos and music just fine. But if you try to open up something a little more “obscure,” say a .deb file, then things get a bit more hairy.

You see, .deb files and other unknown file types can’t do anything via the Messages app. You can send them, but you can’t open them via Messages.

If you’re jailbroken, however, you can dig around via iFile and find the file that you sent over in the /var/mobile/Library/SMS/ directory. Even then, you still have some guess work to do.

So basically, while you can technically send any file via Messages, it’s limited in the type that you interact with. Unless you’re jailbroken, and you feel like digging around the file system to find that file that you sent, don’t bother.

Either way, I suggest you stick to a more conventional means like DropBox, as there’s no guarantee that this functionality will stick around after beta anyway.

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