5 Great Jailbreak Tweaks to Enhance the iOS 5 Mail App

A couple of week ago we told you about six great jailbreak tweaks for Safari. Today, we’re showcasing five additional tweaks that can help supercharge your iPhone’s email experience.

Jailbreaking is a great way to get more out of your iOS device, and as you’ll see, one of the best ways to leverage jailbreaking is by applying its benefits to core functions, like email…



MailKeyboardHide allows you to see more of the message that you’re currently composing by hiding the keyboard in composition view. Without this tweak, the keyboard is prone to blocking part of the body of a message. To activate MailKeyboardHide, simply attempt to scroll in the body of the email and the keyboard will disappear. Free on Cydia. Learn more.

Rich Text For Mail


As simple as its name, Rich Text For Mail brings rich text formatting to iOS’s native email client. Now you can bold, italicize, change the color and size of your fonts, and more, right inside the default mail app. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it integrates well, and uses Action Menu to make it simple and easy to use. $4.99 on Cydia. Learn more.



It’s simply the easiest way to attach photos, and anything else directly to the native Mail app, and unlicke PhotoMail, it works with iOS 5. A must have for heavy emailers. $1.99 on Cydia. Learn more.

Mail Enhancer

Mail Enhancer adds an ridiculous amount of options to your Mail app. There’s signature behaviors, specific signatures for certain situations, HTML conversion, custom notifications, account priority settings, quiet hours, account highlighting, filters, and much, much more. Bar none, this is the deepest jailbreak tweak you can buy when it comes to the stock Mail app. $1.99 on Cydia. Learn more.

SmartFolders for Mail


SmartFolders for Mail allows you to create your own virtual folders with their own rules. The nice thing about SmartFolders is that all of the rules and folders are kept on the device itself. There’s no doubt that the stock Mail app lacks rules functionality, and Smart Folders for Mail provides you with a fully fleshed out condition based filter strategy that iOS lacks. $1.99 on Cydia. Learn more.

Of course there are many more tweaks for the stock Mail app, but these are some of the absolute best, and they all work with iOS 5.

What do you think about this list? Is there something we omitted that you think should be here?

Update: Replaced PhotoMail and added AnyAttach. I confused these two by accident, I forgot that PhotoMail doesn’t support iOS 5. AnyAttach is superior because you can attach any sort of file, not just photos.