AnyAttach: Attach Any Type of File to Your iPhone’s Email

The concept of attaching a file to a file to an email is practically as old as email itself. With the iPhone, you can attach photos and videos to your email, but that’s pretty much where the fun ends.

This works fine for stock iOS installations where access to the native file system is restricted. For jailbroken iPhones, however, it’s a definite limitation; hence the need for a jailbreak tweak like AnyAttach.

AnyAttach is a tweak that allows you to attach any file present on iOS’s file system, directly to your outgoing email…


If you’re an avid user of the iPhone’s file system, you’ll no doubt appreciate what AnyAttach has to offer. Uninhibited access to attach any file to your email is quite the liberating feeling.

What’s even better, is that AnyAttach retains the ability to stick to the simplified photos and videos view. So, if you don’t feel like digging through iOS’s file structure, you don’t have to.

For those of you who use iFile and like the freedom that root access nets you, AnyAttach is a breath of fresh air to Apple’s staling methodology for managing email attachments.

If you’re interested, you can give it a try for $1.99 on Cydia. Be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comments below.