Microsoft Looking to Bring Xbox LIVE Gaming to iOS

According to a recently-posted job listing, Microsoft is looking to port its Xbox LIVE gaming portal to iOS and other platforms. Although iOS recently received a native Xbox LIVE app, the gameplay portion has remained a WP7-only feature.

The Redmond company has been extremely active in the App Store over the last few months, releasing the aforementioned LIVE app, the popular Kinectimals game, and a SkyDrive client. And it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon…

From the job posting:

“Xbox LIVE Mobile team is looking for a passionate and experienced developer to join us in bringing Xbox LIVE entertainment experiences to various platforms. As the team inside IEB (Interactive entertainment Business) dedicated to mobile experiences, we work closely with the console software team and Xbox LIVE services to bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS, and other mobile platforms.”

The move has some folks scratching their heads, as many felt that full Xbox LIVE integration was one of WP7’s few advantages over the competition. Perhaps this is a sign that Microsoft has acknowledged that its mobile OS isn’t gaining much traction with consumers.

This is great news, however, for Xbox-playing iOS users. Xbox LIVE’s marketplace is home to thousands of downloadable games that are either free, or very inexpensive.

We’re just looking forward to the day when, much like video streaming now, we can start playing a game on our living room console and finish it up on our smartphones.