iOS Concept Designer Jan-Michael Cart Announces Apple Internship

If the name Jan-Michael Cart sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve likely seen his work here on iDB. The 20-something mass media arts student from Georgia has practically become an overnight sensation thanks to his popular concept videos.

Cart has re-imagined several components of iOS such as application switching, notifications, and voice recognition. A lot of folks have commented that his work is good enough to earn him a spot at Apple. And, apparently, Apple agrees.

Jan-Michael recently added a blog section to his personal website and posted this message:

“Welcome to the new blog section of my website. Soon I will be embarking to California, where I will be interning at a fruit company for seven months. I will be updating this to chronicle my adventures and misadventures in the Bay Area for my family, friends, and followers online. Stay tuned, I leave in less than a month!”

Of course, it’s no surprise that Apple picked up the talented designer. Just look at his concept video of what he calls “Dynamic Icons.”


Even though it’s only an internship, Cart’s announcement is certainly exciting. iOS is going on 5 years without any major cosmetic changes, and Apple’s recent interests in people like Peter Hajas and Jan-Michael Cart could be a sign that it’s looking to give the OS a facelift.