How to Add Sharing Options to Safari’s Reading List

Reading List, the Instapaper-like feature included with iOS 5, is a great way to save web pages for reading later. But what if you want to share some of the content that you’ve saved to your reading list? What then?

Sadly, Apple has neglected to add any sort of sharing options to Reading List. Perhaps they’re saving the sharing features for a future iOS update. With that in mind, one developer in particular thought it would be a good idea to enable Reading List sharing by means of a handy jailbreak tweak, and that’s just what he did.

Take a gander at ActionList, a tweak that enables a variety of sharing options for Reading List…


Once ActionList is installed, all you need to do is tap an item in your Reading List. Instead of going directly to the page in question, ActionList pops up with various buttons that allow you to share your items via Twitter, Email, add to Favorites, and even offline saving if you happen to have WebOffline installed on your device.

ActionList can be purchased for $0.99 on Cydia, and obviously requires iOS 5, since Reading List is an iOS 5-only feature.

Let me know what you think about ActionList in the comments. Do you think it’s something you would use?