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Google is bringing Safari-like Reading List feature to Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Safari for iPhone, iPad and Mac has long included a tremendously useful Reading List feature that allows you to save your favorite webpages and access them easily between devices—even without an Internet connection. Google has been working on its own version of Reading List and it’s slated to arrive in an upcoming update to Chrome for iOS, as reported by 9to5Mac. Like with Reading List on Safari, this nifty new addition will let Chrome users save articles and webpages for offline reading at a later date.

Gist intelligently summarizes your news articles

Many people turn to their iOS devices as a way to catch up on news and consume reading materials, keeping updated with daily happenings. Other than Twitter, there are few options to instantly give a short synopsis of a story or news blurb.

Personally, I use Flipboard, but even it utilizes the entire article. If you are pressed for time or only want the key points of an otherwise much larger article, a new app called Gist is aiming to provide only the quick details of news articles…

Safari 6 hits Lion with Smart Search Field and Offline Reading List

Hot on the heels of the OS X Mountain Lion release that just hit Apple’s servers an hour ago, Cupertino today unleashed Safari 6 for Lion, bringing some of Safari’s features from Mountain Lion to Lion systems.

Most notably, Safari 6 now (finally!) features a unified field which acts as both the address bar and search field, akin to Chrome’c Omnibox. Also new is Offline Reading List, first introduced in iOS 6, which downloads entire webpages saved for reading later so you can access them when offline…

iOS 6: Safari video demonstration


Safari doesn’t look that different on iOS 6, but underneath the hood you’ll find some interesting changes aimed at improving your mobile browsing experience. First of all, there’s the ability to browse in full screen mode while in landscape on the iPhone. Secondly, there’s the ability to sync tabs across other iOS 6 devices using iCloud. Next up to bat is a new update to Reading List that allows you to read those items while offline.

Take a look at our video demonstration inside that showcases all of these new features and more. Have you found anything in addition to these items? If you do, be sure to let us know in the comments.

How to Add Sharing Options to Safari’s Reading List

Reading List, the Instapaper-like feature included with iOS 5, is a great way to save web pages for reading later. But what if you want to share some of the content that you’ve saved to your reading list? What then?

Sadly, Apple has neglected to add any sort of sharing options to Reading List. Perhaps they’re saving the sharing features for a future iOS update. With that in mind, one developer in particular thought it would be a good idea to enable Reading List sharing by means of a handy jailbreak tweak, and that’s just what he did.

Take a gander at ActionList, a tweak that enables a variety of sharing options for Reading List…