Apple Goes After Amazon in Court Again Over Using the Term “App Store”

While Apple’s long-running legal battle with Samsung has been consistently receiving the headlines, Tim Cook’s band of highly paid lawyers are also going after another one of the tech industry’s big boys, Amazon. Since the beginning of the battle back in March, Apple has been suing the retailer/tablet-maker over its use of the phrase “App Store.”

Apple has now revised that lawsuit, claiming that Amazon has altered the way it uses the phrase, removing “for Android” from the end of the company’s description of the app store implemented in its new tablet, the Kindle Fire.

Simply calling its store the “Amazon Appstore,” Amazon is risking the wrath of Apple’s lawyers again…

In the revised complain, Apple points an accusing finger squarely at Amazon’s latest advertising campaign, which surrounds this week’s release of the new 7-inch iPad competitor, the Kindle Fire.

“When Amazon announced in late September 2011 that it would introduce a new hardware product named the Kindle Fire (the ‘Fire’), Amazon promoted the Fire’s ability to use Amazon’s mobile software download service but omitted the ‘for Android’ phrase when using the APPSTORE mark.”

Amazon has already changed the offending text on the Kindle Fire’s web page, but that’s probably not going to stop Apple from releasing the hounds of war!

Apple’s application for a trademark on the phrase “App Store” is currently pending, with Microsoft in opposition. Amazon and Google are obviously not too keen on the idea, either.

Does Apple deserve to own the term “App Store?”