Apple Releases Find My Friends Social Network for iOS 5 [Video]

As noted by MacStories, Apple just released the Find My Friends social network for iOS 5. Find My Friends was introduced at Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” last week.

Find My Friends runs on iCloud and enables users to share their location with friends while also seeing the location of other friends. The app integrates with the Maps and Contacts app in iOS 5.


If you’ve added someone from your Address Books to Find My Friends, you can check that person’s location from a convenient map view. Temporary location sharing lets a user only send GPS information to friends for a certain period of time. One’s location can be shared for a few hours, days, or weeks.

Don’t worry, Find My Friends won’t automatically turn your iPhone into a tool for stalkers. You have to download the app from the App Store and approve users like you would on Facebook or Game Center. There are also Parental Controls to restrict a minor’s access to the Find My Friends location features.

To install Find My Friends, download it in the App Store on a device running iOS 5.