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How to use Find People or Find My Friends on Apple Watch

Find People App on Apple Watch List

If you use the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then you have a similar tool for locating people with your Apple Watch. On watchOS 6 or later, the app is called Find People and on watchOS 5 or earlier, it’s Find My Friends. But both apps do the same thing and can help you track down your loved ones.

If you just got your first Apple Watch or simply haven’t used the app yet, here’s how to use Find People or Find My Friends on your Apple Watch.

How to use the new Find My app on iOS and Mac

Welcome to Find My app on iPhone

With the iOS 13 and macOS Catalina updates, you can now use the revamped and renamed Find My app to locate family or friends, share your own location, and find a device, all with one handy tool.

Having each of these features in a single spot makes it much easier to find who or what you need faster. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s how to use the new Find my app on iOS and Mac.

Video: Top 16 new features of Apple Watch Series 3

Now that the Apple Watch Series 3 is out, we've had some time to play with it and extract the best features for the new device. None of these are watchOS 4 related, which is full of its own goodies, so we focused just on features exclusive to the new Apple Watch Series 3 model.

AntiTracker lets you know every time someone tracks you with Find My Friends [jailbreak]

Find My Friends is an app made by Apple that lets you track the location of your friends and family so you can find out their whereabouts at any time of the day, but it can also be a real privacy concern.

While some people enable this feature voluntarily so that their family members can keep tabs on them or so that friends can meet up with one another, others have the feature enabled on them behind their backs so their significant others can stalk them.

If you’re paranoid about whether or not you’re being tracked, then you need a new free jailbreak tweak called AntiTracker.

How to receive a notification when your friends are leaving or arriving at a set location

Apple’s Find My Friends app has been much maligned over the years and for many served as a great example that Apple does bloatware just as well as the competition. With the arrival of iOS 10 and the ability to delete the stock apps some users might find pesky, Find My Friends certainly must be a contender for the title of most frequently trashed app on the Home screen.

This comes in spite of the fact that, over time, Find My Friends has actually inherited some redeemable qualities: next to a useful widget, one feature in particular has enjoyed little to no exposure, even though there are compelling real life use cases for it.

Find my Friends web app launches on

In addition to today's major releases of iOS 9.1, OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 and watchOS 2.0.1 software updates, it appears that iCloud has gained a brand new web app: Find My Friends.

With both Find My iPhone and Find My Friends now preloaded on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices with iOS 9.0 or later, it does make sense to add Find My Friends to Apple's stable of web apps given iCloud's long had the web version of the Find My iPhone app.

New Apple TV, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends betas also available

As Apple seeds a third beta of both iOS 8 (build 12A4318c) and OS X Yosemite Developer Preview (build 14A283j) to developers, we're dutifully updating our articles with a running list of changes.

In the meantime, new betas of the accompanying Apple TV firmware - as well as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends betas - are now available to Apple's registered iOS developers through the company's Dev Center...

Apple updates Find My Friends for iOS 7

Apple has finally posted the iOS 7 update for its Find My Friends application this afternoon. The app, which allows iOS users to locate friends and family members, was the last notable mobile Apple title utilizing the old skeuomorphic design language.

In today's update, the app's leather stitching and paper-like textures have been replaced with open spaces and sharp text—the usual changes we've seen in iOS 7-flavored updates. And the UI now lines up with Apple's other iPhone and iPad offerings...

Apple updates Find My Friends and Find My iPhone ahead of iOS 7 release

With less than three weeks left until Apple's big Fall reveal, the company has started updating some of its own apps on the App Store to bring them more in line with the all-new iOS 7 look.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps have both been updated with bug fixes and stability improvements, but no new features have been added and the design remained unchanged.

Find My iPhone is particularly interesting. Not only has the update broken the app for non-developers, but the software now comes with a brand new flattened icon which essentially mimics its counterpart on the recently revamped iCloud Beta website. More findings right below...

Apple updates Find My Friends app with new UI

Apple has released an update to Find My Friends this morning, bringing the app to version 2.1. This is the first Find My Friends release since 2.0.1 came out last October, which added new location-based notifications.

Today's update adds what Apple is calling a "New UI to search for and set location-based notifications." No, that doesn't mean that the ugly leather texture is gone. But it does mean that some parts of the app look better...