Apple updates Find My Friends and Find My iPhone ahead of iOS 7 release

find my iphone

With less than three weeks left until Apple’s big Fall reveal, the company has started updating some of its own apps on the App Store to bring them more in line with the all-new iOS 7 look.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps have both been updated with bug fixes and stability improvements, but no new features have been added and the design remained unchanged.

Find My iPhone is particularly interesting. Not only has the update broken the app for non-developers, but the software now comes with a brand new flattened icon which essentially mimics its counterpart on the recently revamped iCloud Beta website. More findings right below…

Check out the before and after images of the Find My iPhone icon.

Find My iPhone for iOS (app icon, full-size)Find my iPhone 2.0.3 for iOS (app icon, small)

The flattened versions is much neater than the old icon, no? While we’re at it, compare the new icon to the graphics on the revamped iCloud Beta website.

iCloud Beta (redesign 002)

Interestingly enough, Find My Friends still has the same old stitched leather icon. Before this update, the app would crash a lot on launch with the iOS 7 betas.

Find My Friends icon (full-size)

A lot of people took to Twitter to note that the updated Find My iPhone now only allows signing in with an Apple developer account, free or paid ($99 a year).

“You must be a registered iOS developer and have iCloud configured on iOS 7.0 Beta to use this version of Find My iPhone,” the updated software cautions.

Find My iPhone (Developer Account required prompt 002)

This could be a hiccup on Apple’s part so best thing you avoid updating Find My iPhone unless you have a registered iOS developer account with Apple.

At any rate, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are likely to undergo at least one more revision before iOS 7 is unleashed as both still show the skeuomorphic user interface.

You can download Find My iPhone and Find My Friends free from the App Store.

I’d love to hear from those of you who don’t have a developer account, is Find My iPhone working for you after this update?