Jailbreak Dynamic Duo: PasswordPilot and StayOpened

Two is always better than one, right? Well, in the case of PasswordPilot and StayOpened, two is indeed, most definitely better than one.

StayOpened is the Robin to PasswordPilot’s Batman. Their mission? To make App Store purchases easier!

Inside, I’ll show you why you should consider this Lebron James + Dwyane Wade type of combo to conquer what ails you about the App Store…


For frequent App Store shoppers with a jailbroken iPhone, this combination of tweaks is a no-brainer. No longer do I have to dread retyping my password over and over. No longer will the App Store prematurely close before I’m finished shopping.

This is the first of many jailbreak tweak dynamic duos. Do you have any you’d like to share?