Full WebClips: Set Web Apps to Launch Full Screen

For those still unfamiliar with TweakWeek, it’s an ongoing contest for jailbreak developers to essentially build 7 tweaks in 7 days. Criteria for the competition is that each utility must be free, and produced in 24 hours.

This week’s featured TweakWeek developer is Chpwn, the creator of popular jailbreak apps like VoiceActivator and AppSlide. His first entry is a simple utility that allows you to set web clips (and apps) to launch full screen…


Full WebClips doesn’t have a springboard icon or a Settings tab. Upon install, it adds a button to your “Add to Home Screen” page in Mobile Safari. Tapping this button sets up your favorite web clips to launch in full screen from your springboard.

I found that web-based games are much more playable and web apps look more native when they are running in full screen. This makes Full WebClips an invaluable tool for someone who uses either one on a regular basis.

I know that a lot of web apps already open in full screen, but for the ones that don’t this utility really comes in handy. Full WebClips is available in Ryan Petrich’s repo for free, just add http://rpetri.ch/repo/ to Cydia.

Have you tried Full WebClips yet? What do you think?