Name Your iPhone’s SpringBoard Pages With ‘PageNames’

Do you consider yourself to be on the extreme side when it comes to organizing your iPhone’s Home screen? Perhaps you’re crazy about meticulously organizing each and every app in its appropriate folder?

Really, when it comes to organizing your iPhone, there’s no limit to how far you can take it. That’s where a tweak like PageNames comes in.

PageNames is a tweak that lets you assign names to specific pages on your iPhone’s Home screen, and this allows for even greater organization. Talk about taking OCD to the next level…


As simple as PageNames is, I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t allowed something like this in the stock iOS builds. Though, even the notoriously picky Apple probably has its limits.

If you’re OCD interested, this tweak is yet another TweakWeek tweak available on Cydia for free to jailbreakers.

Do you think PageNames is a good idea? Or do you think it’s a case of organization gone too far?