DataDeposit Let’s You Wirelessly Backup Your Saved iOS Data with DropBox

If you haven’t discovered how awesome DropBox is just yet, I highly recommend checking it out. The ability to sync content from your iPhone to your computer without wires or multiple steps makes transferring photos and other media a snap.

Not only is the service free, but you constantly have folks in the jailbreak community developing neat extensions for it. FullDrop is a nice one that allows you to use DropBox to transfer files between your iDevice and your computer outside the scope of the App Store’s app. Today, another app for the popular sync service has surfaced in Cydia

DataDeposit is an application that will allow you to backup your saved iOS data. Data like saved Angry Birds progress and RSS sources in feed readers like Pulse News Mini will be backed up with DataDesposit. Not only does DataDeposit keep you from losing your saved information, it will actually let you restore the saved data to a different iOS device.

The app uses DropBox to backup and restore your saved iOS files. For example, you can use DataDeposit to backup your saved information on your iPhone and then run it again on your iPad to restore.

This would be convenient for folks that play the same games on multiple iDevices and want to transfer their progress. If you want to give DataDeposit a try, it’s available in the ModMyi repo. The download is free, but is pretty useless if you don’t have a DropBox account.

Have you tried DataDeposit yet?