Pulse News Mini for iPhone: the News at Your Fingertips

If you have been looking for an RSS reader, that doesn’t look like an RSS reader, then you need look no further. Now, Pulse News Mini for the iPhone and iPod touch is nothing new. Maybe you have experienced its older sibling ‘Pulse’ on your iPad. But this little gem from Alphonso Labs Inc. is definitely worth mention. If you are like me and enjoy the benefits of an RSS feed reader, but find the typical app in this category boring and redundant, you have to check this out.

So why would you want an RSS reader in the first place? Well, like the expanded name ‘Really Simple Syndication’ suggests, RSS feeds are news headlines and articles pushed out by websites. This allows its readers access to information quickly. An RSS reader application on your iPhone would allow you to get news from 100’s of different websites. Typically, you browse headlines and a snippet of the article in text format, like an email inbox, and can choose whether to read further into the article or not…

Pulse News Mini for your iPhone actually makes these feeds easier to browse with live, interactive tiles. Instead of sifting through headlines of articles, you browse by photos of articles. It’s actually quite entertaining. The interface of this app is definitely what sets it apart from the competition. It’s quick, it’s intuitive, and it puts all of your news stories at the tips of your fingers, literally.

For the diehard RSS users, yes, it is Google reader compatible. For those of you who have never touched an RSS reader before, this would be the one to try. Pulse News Mini gives you several ways to add RSS feeds and most of your favorite websites (including us) have them. I have played with several of the other RSS reader applications available, and none of them give me access to my news faster.

Has anyone tried Pulse News Mini? Anyone have any other RSS reader recommendations?