How to Make Your iPhone Look Like Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform is a step in the right direction for the industry titan. The announcement of the Windows Phone 7 OS was like a breath of fresh air after the antiquated and sluggish years of the Windows Mobile reign.

The Windows Phone 7 interface is quite unique. Microsoft had some very creative ideas when they designed the vertical, tile-like navigation in the OS. Windows Phone 7 live tiles display realtime information from apps for things like social networks and weather services.

Wyndwarrior, a jailbreak theme creator, has created a Windows Phone 7 theme for iOS. While there are other Winterboard themes that try and mimic the interface and features of Microsoft’s mobile OS, Wyndwarrior’s “OS7” bears a striking resemblance to the look and feel of Windows Phone 7…

Here’s the official theme description from Wyndwarrior:


>> No Iconoclasm
>> No Infiniboard
>> No SpringJumps
>> No WinterBoard
>> No Setup Required
>> No Missing Icons (Auto-create)

A simple plug-and-play theme, static tiles and application lists are both auto-created. Easily customizable start menu, including live tiles. Requires NO paid plugins. Runs independently from winterboard.

The OS7 theme claims to be pretty full-featured. The jailbreak theme also boasts a customizable start menu with the ability to “pin” apps just like Windows Phone 7.

We have not tested and cannot confirm the stability of this theme. There have been complaints that the theme has been randomly malfunctioning, and restoring to a previous springboard backup of iOS has been reported as cumbersome. Try this at your own risk.

The OS7 jailbreak theme is currently in beta. The developer is asking beta testers to vote on what the official price of the theme should be when it goes live in Cydia. Visit the ModMyi forums where the theme is posted to see more details.

To install this theme, you will need the jailbreak app called BackBoard. BackBoard performs an easy backup of your current springboard configuration and allows you to restore to previous backups with one tap. Read our full review of the app to learn more.

How To Install OS7:

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your current configuration in BackBoard. You will need this if you want to revert back to your normal iOS setup.
  2. Visit this URL on your iPhone: backboard://http://wyndrepo.googleco…es/
  3. The URL should prompt BackBoard to open and begin downloading the OS7 beta theme. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  4. Select OS7 from BackBoard and respring your iPhone.

Some people in the forum’s thread have had issues installing the theme with these instructions. If it doesn’t work for you, I recommend looking through the forum thread and seeing if anyone else has come up with a better install solution.

Again, we cannot validate that this theme works as it is described, but people have tried it and had success. OS7 is definitely a unique theme to say the least. Here’s a demo video of the theme in action from Wyndwarrior:

What do you think about the OS7 theme? How much would you be willing to pay for it? If you tried installing it or have it running successfully, let us know in the comments below.