The App Store Gets An Official Twitter Account

Who says Apple doesn’t like Twitter? The hilarious @CEOSteveJobs Twitter account was recently approached by Twitter (on Apple’s behalf ) and asked to make clear that the account was parody and not reflective of Apple Inc. While Apple had a bad impression of Twitter in that case, the company still understands the value in the “tweet.”

Apple has a few official Twitter accounts in existence. The @AppStore is the newest addition. The App Store welcomed itself into the Twittersphere with the tweet, “Welcome to App Store on Twitter! Follow us to discover new apps, get exclusive offers, and share with friends. #appstore”

Apple will use @AppStore for featured apps, promotions, and hopefully some interesting App Store facts and statistics…

It will definitely be interesting to follow the updates from Apple’s App Store account. Hopefully the account will be updated regularly with tweets like the “App of the Week” and featured roundups.

The account has been verified by Twitter so we know it’s not a fake. The App Store’s first tweet was retweeted by the already verified @iTunesMusic account as well.

AppleInsider reports on Apple’s new Twitter account,

“Tweets include the #appstore hash tag, which allows Twitter users to track any tweets by anyone including the same subject. The recommended app also includes a link to the web page version of the app, via a URL using the domain.

Apple now owns that domain, although it currently just forwards to a ‘page not found’ messages on Apple’s main site. Specific product links, like the Nike app, direct users to the web version of the iTunes App Store, which links to the app within iTunes for further review or to download it.”

In other Apple-Twitter news, you can follow Apple’s senior vice president of “Worldwide Product Marketing and reports,” Phil Schiller, on Twitter. He tweets regularly.

What do you think about the App Store being on Twitter?