There Were Huge Spikes in App Store Downloads Over the Holidays

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that there were plenty of iOS devices under the tree this Christmas season. Most of you either gave, or saw a loved one receive a new iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. Two very prominent applications in the App Store, Facebook and Tap Tap Revenge, have shared their download numbers from the holidays. The results are very impressive.

Both Facebook and Tap Tap Revenge 4 have sat comfortably near the top of the App Store charts for quite some time, and TTR4 has been the number one app for several days. Both of the apps had huge download spikes this past weekend, giving us a good idea of how many iOS devices were opened for Christmas…

The official Facebook app was downloaded over one million times on Christmas day alone. The app gained a total of 4.5 million new users for the month of December, going from 53 to 57.5 million active users. There is still no official iPad app for Facebook, but these numbers include iPod Touches, which probably accounts for a large percentage of the download numbers.

Tapulous, the makers of the popular game Tap Tap Revenge, shared that their app was having peak downloads of 45,000 per hour over the holidays, and that their total holiday traffic was twice what it was last year. The game is also the top app in 37 countries. That gives us a good understanding of what it means to truly be at the top of peak App Store downloads.

While these numbers are informative, they don’t really give us a look at how the average app downloads peaked over the holidays. Hopefully the peaks seen in Facebook and TTR4’s downloads correlates to download spikes for smaller apps with less of an install base. It would be nice to know that most developers got a little Christmas bonus this year.

We do know that Camera+, a popular photography app that just recently came back to the App Store, had impressive numbers this Christmas as well. MacRumors got the exclusive from tap tap tap, the company that developers for Camera+.

MacRumors reports,

“Camera+ reached an impressive 78,995 downloads on Christmas Day alone, which represents $54,743 for the developer after Apple’s 30% cut. While the sales graph seems to suggest that the sales have returned to pre-Christmas levels, the graph is somewhat misleading, as Camera+ had been ranked as high as #2 in Top Paid Apps before Christmas but today holds a rank of #13. Therefore, it seems that there has been a sustained boost in overall App Store sales since Christmas Day.”

Did you get a new iDevice for Christmas? Did you give one to someone else?

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