‘SB 2 Cloud’ is the Perfect iPhone Screenshot Companion

Being an iPhone blogger means having to take tons of screenshots of the iPhone’s screen, and meticulously emailing them to myself so that I can use them in my articles. It’s a drawn out process that I’ve been looking to streamline for quite some time.

Droplr was a great start, but it still required me to manually select the files I wanted to upload to the cloud, similar to email. Wouldn’t it be great if every screenshot you took was automatically uploaded to the cloud with no human intervention?

Apparently the developers of SB 2 Cloud think so, because this jailbreak tweak accomplishes just that…

SB 2 Cloud utilizes CloudApp — a popular cloud storage solution that uses Amazon S3 technology. In other words, it’s in the same vein as DropBox, Droplr, and all of the other cloud storage solutions. You will need a CloudApp account in order to use SB 2 Cloud, but basic accounts are free.

Once you sign up for a CloudApp account, you can access your files via the CloudApp website, or via a small desktop application. Unfortunately for Windows users, the application is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

After your account details are taken care of, and the tweak has been installed, SB 2 Cloud appears in your settings app. There, you will be prompted for you login credentials

All that’s required now is for you to take a screenshot; yep, that’s it! After taking a screenshot, you’ll notice a small cloud icon appear in your iPhone’s status bar. This is indicative that the screenshot is being uploaded to your CloudApp storage.

SB 2 Cloud is a lovely tweak because it works exactly as advertised. Uploads are quick, reliable, and absolutely brainless. In other words, it’s a wonderful tool for frequent screenshot takers.

It would be cool if there were a few more options for the tweak in the settings app, especially an option to automatically resize your images, but perhaps that will appear in a future update. Besides that small wish, SB 2 Cloud is $1.49 well spent for those of you with jailbroken iPhones.

Is SB 2 Cloud something that you would find useful?